reventing drain clogging can be easy if you follow these simple guidelines. You could save yourself money and a visit from No Clogg Plumbing. If preventative measures aren’t taken you might be setting yourself for more expensive problems down the line and you’ll be at risk for things like backups into your home and strain on the sewage and wastewater systems and could even cause harm to the environment. If you do find yourself with a clogged drain in the Los Angeles County area give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

Keep Your Drain Flowing Freely

Drain Strainer

At any hardware store you can find drain strainers that will protect your sink, bathtub, and shower drains from things like hair, food, and other debris. These can also be placed below your current drain if  you would like to keep your decor. This is by far the most effective way to keep water flowing freely to your pipes.

Keep Hair Away

Before you take a shower brush off excess hair that would otherwise gather in your drain or worse yet your pipes. If you bathe your animals in the tub you may want to lay down a towel over your drain so that hair large amounts of hair don’t create a clog. You should also consider washing them outside instead.


Composting can be a helpful way to keep your drain clean by taking refuse that may otherwise end up in your sink into a bin that can be used to help your garden or lawn. Too often we rely on our garbage disposal to get rid of these substances that can stop your drain. It’s also better for the environment when you’re not using water or energy to dispose of solids.

Avoid Chemicals

Chemicals are a quick way to free your clog, but they may have harsh side effects on your pipes. These cleaners may cause corrosion over time and create even bigger headaches down the line. For smaller clogs you may want to try using a plunger to free the debris.

What NOT To Put Down Your Drain

Grease & Oil

After your done cooking it’s best to put your grease and oil in the trash instead. Over time things we cook with like fat, butter, lard, all types of oil and dairy can congeal and create blockages that can’t be cleared.

Coffee Grounds

It might look like your ground coffee is going down the drain easily but they can lead to blockage.

Meat, Bones, & Eggs

These products should not be counted on to be ground up by the garbage disposal and should be put in the trash.

Bread, Rice, & Pasta

These fall into the category of things expand when they’re wet and can cause problems later even if they make it past the drain.


We’ve all seen clumps of tangled hair. Don’t do it!

Wipes, Paper Towels, & Feminine Products

Unlike toilet paper these will not dissolve and can cause problems with sewage lines.


Rubber gloves, balloons, and condoms can all stretch and create problems for your drainage.

Prescription Pills, Lotions, & Cosmetics

These may not effect your drain line, but it can potentially harm the environment. Check with your local pharmacy to see if they take back old and unused medications.

If you do find yourself with a clogged drain in the Los Angeles County area give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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