o Clogg makes it easy to go tankless with the best tankless water heater of 2020. No more running out of hot water and getting huge energy bills. They are highly efficient and require minimal maintenance, not to mention quieter and space saving. It’s also better for the environment! Checkout all the benefits and contact No Clogg for installation.

Lower Energy Bills & Better for the Planet.

Old systems waste energy to heat large tanks of water – our tankless water system only fires up when hot water is needed allowing great utility savings and a lower the impact on the environment. The high efficiency and eco-friendly technology can reduce energy consumption by 20% and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchange

The first and only tankless water heaters with a stainless steel heat exchanger to deliver unmatched durability and performance.

Stainless Steel Burner

Burn gas at higher efficiency than any other system on the market.

Wi-Fi Remote Control

This optional accessory allows you to control temperatures remotely, access usage data and receive diagnostic notifications from your phone or tablet.

Space Saving & Lighter Weight

These sleek wall hung units use much less space and are substantially lighter than your traditional tank water heaters and other tankless options on the market.

Low Noise Levels

Installations in or near media rooms, recreation rooms or any living areas of the house are possible with our quiet running water heaters.

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