Roots grow toward water vapor or moisture. The root grows and enters the small cracks and joints, which may be present in your pipe. After a root enters a pipe, it divides hundreds of times to form a large mass of tender root ends. This root mass will accumulate a thick coating of grease which will collect on the root mass until a blockage occurs. When a blockage occurs Tree Root Removal becomes necessary.

What is done for emergency treatment of root blockages?
An emergency response to this type of sewer line blockage is to snake the line. Other methods can be used depending on your specific situation.

How can I prevent root blockages from happening to me?
Jetting & Root-X. The only true solution is to replace the underground pipe. But in some cases you can control the roots and help to prevent re-growth for up to one year, by treating the pipe with Root-X. NO CLOGG is a Root-X distributor.

What will happen if I don’t do anything about roots in my sewer pipes?
Ignoring the problem is a costly problem. The roots will not leave your sewer pipe, instead they will grow thicker and stronger. In a short time they will totally infest your sewer pipe causing repetitive raw sewage back-ups. A video camera inspection will allow a clear view of what is going on in the line.

tree root removal

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