Power Cam РA sewer inspection is a simple procedure that entails pushing a miniature video camera throughout the sewer system. As the video camera travels through the system, the actual footage is being displayed on a monitor this provides a first hand look at the condition of the sewer system from inside the pipe. The sewer system constitutes approximately 10-15% of any property’s value. If the sewer system has not been inspected, the correct value of the property has not been determined. The buyer will risk paying significantly more for that property, than it may actually be worth. To avoid the potentially unavoidable, call NO CLOGG before buying or selling for a sewer inspection.

Video Sewer Inspection is used to determine whether or not the pipe should be dug up or not. It is a precise method that will save you money by providing accurate results on how to proceed. A video camera is mounted and sent through the length of the pipe with a small light attached to it. This way we can identify the blockage, which is often tree roots or corrosion.

video pipe inspection



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